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Airtel has plunged to new lows recently. It had introduced a new VAS called 'Smart Bytes' for it's broadband users a few months back. After reaching FUP limit, 'Smart Bytes' automatically presents a page randomly while browing (doesn't matter if you are in the middle of booking a bus/train ticket) asking the user to either buy few extra GB(s) or continue with reduced speed of 256Kbps. There are multiple issues I'm a lot of users are facing with this VAS.

- Airtel redirects to this VAS page at random times while browsing. This is very irritating to say the least because after it redirects the page, you will losr track of the URL you just typed. So for an Airtel user memorizing URLs is a must have skill.
- Airtel redirects to this page every 15 min/30 min/1 day or whenever it feels like, even after the user chooses to continue with the plan. This is THE biggest reason (no, not FUP limit!) why Airtel is annoying me these days.
- Airtel's 'Smart' bytes is actually either 'Too Smart' or 'Dumb' or both at the same time, just like our politicians. Even now, as I'm typing this post, blogger is complaining about an error while saving my post. I'm sure that ugly 'Smart Bytes' page has something to do with this. Fortunately, Google's blogger is 'really smart' unlike Airtel's so-called 'Smart Bytes'; It saved my post as soon as the connection came back.