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So, is 'The Conjuring' THAT good? I mean, it is a classic enough to be rated 8.1 on IMDB? My opinion (just mine!) is it isn't a classic, but is an excellent modern horror movie with all the cliches and jump scares that you expect from an American 'Horror' movie. I watched the movie in INOX, chennai and it has subtitles in English. It's pleasantly surprising to see subtitles for an English horror movie, not that it hasn't partially detracted me from following the action on the screen.

Coming to the movie, it starts with two nurses experiencing weird disturbances due to the presence of a toy. Later they come to know from a paranormal researcher couple (The Warrens) that the toy is possessed by an inhuman or demonic spirit, which is constantly trying to possess vulnerable people.

So, from here, the usual story starts. A family of 8(??) moves into a house located in a huge piece of land on the country side. And again as usual, they start to experience strange things in and around the house, like the clock stopping at 3:07am, pet dog getting killed, suciding pigeons, rattling doors and a cellar which is poorly secured by the previous owners. Many of these occurences are common in these horror movies and in this movie too, they are no different.

So the family gets concerned and seeks help from the Paranormal researcher couple. They initially ignore it saying there is always a rational explanation for most of the 'strange' things. NICE! Sense prevails; Wait what?...Aren't the paranormal researchers supposed to be the MOST interested in the supposedly haunted houses? I may be wrong, but they look uninterested in going deep into it for the first time.

After few more minor incidents, the mother successfully manages to get the Warren couple to to their home. After careful observation of house for probably what looked like 10 minutes, the reserachers come to a conclusion that the house is indeed haunted. Wow, that was so UNEXPECTED!! So, they think exorcism is their only option. They record the incidents using a tape recorder. But when the researcher couple play it at a later time, they hear their voice and the demon's voice, but not the mother's voice.

They go to the house again to gather evidence, that's necessary for them, to get the exorcism approved by the church. They also bring a cop to the place to corroborate the evidence. This character is a nice addition to the routine story. The cop manages to evoke few laughs from the audience in the climax part. From here, the story picks up pace and we manage to see the demon possessed in a horrific and ugly looking middle aged woman. This particular scene of the demon jumping on the girl scared the **** out of the audience for sure! And there are lot of such scenes in the movie which also happen during the performing of exorcism. A few people, most of them women, in the theatre almost shouted with horror when these scenes came. So, I must say these jump scares are well done. There are some hair-rising scenes like a piece of clothing flying away and hugging the demon, the warren lady seeing her daughter in a lake etc. that are very well done and unexpected.

At the end of it, it's well worth a watch, but most probably the movie won't be remembered after you walk out of the theatre. I like horror that is of unusual kind better and this is not one such movie.