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Housejoy is a home services app for lazy/busy people. It tries to fill the gaps in the current home services market by providing simple way to reserve the time slots and get the services done without too much of following up with the service providers.

Most recently, I've booked a 'bike service & repair' service from Housejoy. The earlier services I booked were very simple, like putting a nail in the wall etc. and they were done to my satisfaction.

However, bike service was totally different. The first few times I booked the service, HJ cancelled at the last minute giving silly excuses such as 'We don't have service on Sundays' and 'We don't have service during holidays' etc. That should have rung bell. At that time, I didn't really pay much attention and after a while I booked for a weekday service. The HJ service folks (read third party bike service company employees) promptly came and took the bike away only to return it after several days, after their promised delivery date. I had to call them every couple of days to know the status of the repair..They didn't bother to update me throughout. After going through this ordeal, I finally got the bike and when I test rode the bike on smooth road, it felt okay. However, I realized little later that they did something to the bike that caused the bike to jump in to the stratosphere, even when it hits a small bump on the road. And little while later, I realized that the mileage fell to a pathetic 8-10kmpl instead of 40-45kmpl my bike used to give. It's like I had to fill up 1L petrol almost every day! I promptly called HJ and complained. They never followed up, although promised to do so. Feeling cheated, I put a negative review on google playstore to warn others about their service, no expecting any response. As expected, they coolly asked me to contact their customer (standard response to all customers who gave negative ratings), instead of proactively following up on the complaint. Now, that was the end of HJ for me. I felt really cheated and never bothered to call them, lest they might damage the bike even more.

Now the reason why I am writing this post after 2.5 months of this happening is because some wise guy at HJ thought this is the right time to apologize and return the labor charges back into my HJ wallet, so that I could use that credit for booking their services in future. That's like a sick joke, isn't it ? Who in the right mind would use their services after all that had happened ?

One thing that he told made me really happy though - that they closed their bike repair services. It's high time they close the entire company for the good of everyone. They don't deserve to be the service industry, if they don't proactively work towards gaining the customer's trust every single time. Offering compensation/refunding labor charges doesn't count.