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Hello All,

It's been a while since I posted something on this blog. Past few days, I've been struggling to get my Oneplus One phone working since it went dead all of a sudden. I had been able to communicate with a Lumia phone in these few days and it's been really frustrating to live with a Lumia phone as the support is minimal.

I had tried various solutions to get the device working and finally after 2 days of relentless flashings of ROMs I was able to make it work !!

I think the key (that made it work) was to follow the part 2 from here


Before this, I installed Lineage OS 15.1 and all I saw was hang in loading the OS. Same with factory resets and CM OS 13.1 etc. Once I downloaded CM 14.1 OS and flashed it through TWRP recovery (after fastboot oem unlock), and then execute the make_ext4fs command listed in the above link), I could get the device to work. Then of course, I re-flashed the Lineage OS and executed the command again to boot into Lineage OS, which means I could get OTA updates just like I got for CM OS.

Brief summary of the steps I performed :
1. Download TWRP latest recovery for bacon (Oneplus one codename)
2. Boot into fastboot mode (VolUp+Power button at the same time from switched off state)
3. fastboot oem unlock to allow flashing
4. fastboot flash recovery twrp*.img
5. Download the CM OS 14.1 or Color OS or Lineage OS 15.1 to the PC
6. Once ready for flashing ROM, reboot phone into recovery by pressing VolDown+Power buttons at the same time
7. Advanced -> ADB sideload and then adb sideload , before this you may perform Wipe -> all except internal storage and OTG storage (I had selected format data since I was frustrated with few flashes not helping earlier, in hindsight I didn't need to format internal storage at all as the fix was simple command given in the link above).
8. You can optionally install gapps nano (ARM version) from gapps website (Google it!)
9. MOST IMPORTANT : enter adb shell on the command prompt and then enter this make_ext4fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p15
10. Reboot, that's all. Android FTW !! Lumia sucks

Please comment it helped you